– Pure electric with two hours range in 25 knots

A smooth and fun ride combined with excellent fuel efficiency

Mantaray Hydrofoil Craft presents, our first market available product with Foiltwister technology. It is a small hydrofoil boat with a design made by The Mannerfelt Design Team. One:fly can carry up to four people. It flies about eight inches above the surface which means that it can be used with a standard outboard engine (petrol or electric). Measured fuel consumption with a 30 hp petrol engine is 0,20 liter/nm at a cruising speed of 24 knots. And with an electric motor the range will be 2 hours at 25 knots. It can easily be transported on a standard boat trailer.

Technical data:
Length: 16 feet (approx 5 meters)
Weight without engine: approx 380 kg
People: 4
Motor: 30 hp (standard, long shaft)
Fuel consumption: 0,20 liter/nm at 25 knots
Range with electric motor: 2 hours at 25 knots

Available custom options:
Electric powered

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one.pod (EFP Exclusive)

Mannerfelt-designed hydrofoil boat that builds on the FT58, our first fully proprietary carrier plan boat.

One.pod flies significantly higher than other models. The power source is a proprietary electric motor in POD design. The length of traditional outboard engines no longer restricts the product, so we have the freedom to fly high above the waves on a windy bay. As the engine underneath the water powers the boat, the journey will be experienced quietly and very pleasantly. This delicious bite will be a little more expensive, but we are convinced that customers will be delighted. There is no better way to move on the lake by motorboat – sailors will be jealous! The timetable for completing this “Lady” depends on
the interest!

one.carrie (EFP28)

An upcoming major transport boat aimed for both individuals and commercial actors. Power source is a 200 hp standard outboard engine with ultra long shaft. 

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